Genealogy research – my top 10 tips when starting out

Over the past seven years, I have been painstakingly trying to build my family tree. My parents had no real interest so it was pretty much up to me to dig for any information out there. My parents could tell me some key things about their parents  but after that, very, very little about their … Continue reading Genealogy research – my top 10 tips when starting out


9-day blogging challenge…days 6 & 7

Yup, I'm behind again, but I'm okay with that! You see, Day 7's blog prompt was one that I am experiencing a LOT with right now, so I wanted to make sure I put effort into this particular post.  Also, it's the May bank holiday weekend here in the UK. We had friends and family … Continue reading 9-day blogging challenge…days 6 & 7

9-day blogging challenge…days 4 & 5

I'm a couple of days late, mainly thanks to being abroad with a very weak wifi network! But, no matter, I am now back and ready to get myself back on track - Isn't that what it's all about?! Okay, onto Day 4: This was another hints/tips day and the focus was social media. I … Continue reading 9-day blogging challenge…days 4 & 5

9-day blogging challenge…days 2 & 3

Day 2: was a hints/tips day! Following the theme from day one (connect), Caroline talked about engagement through our blogs and suggested setting up a solid, dependable mailing list.  After listening to the day 2 video, I registered on MailChimp, only to find my lack of a computer and very iffy (technical word!) internet access … Continue reading 9-day blogging challenge…days 2 & 3

9-day blogging challenge…day 1!

As you can see from my previous two posts, I am extremely new to blogging and I know I have much to learn (and am very keen to learn too!). My goal is to upload one post a week, on a Sunday and so far so good! However, Last week I stumbled across @carolinetowersbiz on … Continue reading 9-day blogging challenge…day 1!

The first big change…

This weekend marks a major change in the way I'm taking control of my life. Clothes....they are my downfall. I love clothes! I love buying clothes! To the point where I now have three (yes 3!) wardrobes full of clothes...not good! I'll be honest with you, over the years I have 'decluttered' my wardrobes. Going … Continue reading The first big change…


Feeling on a high after the success of decluttering my wardrobes (phase one!) I decided to tackle my finances next. As a child, my parents actively encouraged me to save. Whilst I like to spend money, I've always been careful with my money and never got into debt. When saving up for my first property, … Continue reading Finances…