The first big change…

This weekend marks a major change in the way I’m taking control of my life.

Clothes….they are my downfall. I love clothes! I love buying clothes! To the point where I now have three (yes 3!) wardrobes full of clothes…not good!

I’ll be honest with you, over the years I have ‘decluttered’ my wardrobes. Going through ‘all’ my clothes and getting rid of things that don’t fit etc. Well, I start that way, then I start to convince myself I will lose weight and fit back into things or ‘I’ll “need” that dress for such n such occasion – you know, the usual denial excuses that stop you throwing stuff away. Or my favourite – “I spent a fortune on that, I can’t justify giving it away”!

So, this weekend I made myself a promise. I set myself a goal of reducing the amount of clothes I owned to two wardrobes – this was a realistic starter goal and I promised myself I would be more ruthless than I had ever been.

Step 1: the first thing I did was to pull EVERY item of clothing out of all three wardrobes. This took me a little whilst and I will confess, seeing the huge pile of clothes in one place did take me but surprise – how did I have all these clothes, yet have been struggling to find five outfits for the working week?! The mountain of clothes looked daunting but I reminded myself I had dedicated the weekend to this and reassured myself I had time.

Step 2: Before going through and reviewing each item, I got myself a number of bags; a black bag for clothes too worn/damaged, a recycle bag (it was amazing how much rubbish/papers etc I kept in pockets!), charity bags for clothes I knew I wouldn’t wear again, but were too good to bin and a number of bags for clothes I could give to friends and family.

Step 3: I picked up each and every item. Looked closely at each piece and made a conscious choiceto be honest with myself on its fate.

The clothes I did keep, I put straight onto a hanger and back into the wardrobe. Before I started I knew I wanted a specific order; vests, short sleeved tops, cardigans and blazers on the top…and trousers, skirts, blouses and jumpers on the bottom row.

After an hour, I was starting to enjoy the process! And by the end of the two days I was amazed at what I had achieved.
I had six bags full for the charity shops, four overflowing bags of clothes for friends and three bags for the bin.

BUT, the best bit for me wasn’t seeing what I had brutally got rid of. Nope. The best bit was seeing how spacious my wardrobes were. My challenge was to try and use two wardrobes going forward yet….I had outdone myself and can now fit ALL my clothes into one….yes, just ONE!! This has made me so so happy!

I will confess, I was tempted to rescue one or two items from the charity bags, so they are now in the boot of my parents car out of sight!

There is more to do on my wardrobe (I’d like to make it a capsule wardrobe eventually) but for now, I couldn’t be happier. I can see all items with ease and know what I have, nothing is hidden.

I would encourage anyone who has found decluttering a large collection of clothes challenging to do this…by getting all my clothes into one place at once really made me aware of just how much I owned and even I couldn’t justify the amount!

If this post inspires you to visit your wardrobes, please let me know how you get on and if you have any tips for getting myself a capsule wardrobe please leave a comment – I would love to hear!



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