9-day blogging challenge…day 1!

As you can see from my previous two posts, I am extremely new to blogging and I know I have much to learn (and am very keen to learn too!). My goal is to upload one post a week, on a Sunday and so far so good!

However, Last week I stumbled across @carolinetowersbiz on instagram and she is hosting a 9-day blogging challenge….this is perfect for me and I know I was meant to see Caroline’s account! So, for the next 9 days, I will be blogging a little more than usual (all being well)!

So, today’s the day, the first day is here (eek!). I waited patiently for my first email to appear in my inbox and voila, the first prompt arrived – “connect”.

For me, the main focus of starting this blog was for a two way connection to take place. I am new to the minimalist world (and am particularly interested in those who use positivity to enrich their lives). 

I hope to meet lots of people who have been on this journey and can pass on tips and hints for me to be able to carry out in my own life and blog my journey, but just as importantly, I hope to inspire others who want to take that leap into changing their lives – if I can do it, anyone can!

In this modern age where there are tons of ways to communicate, I have two social media platforms, besides my blog…the first is twitter (@chaos2minimal) where I must confess I have not kept this up to date, although I hope to change that soon.

The second one is the main one for me and that is instagram. I LOVE instagram! I have three accounts currently; the one which is linked to the blog (@chaos2minimal), then I have an account dedicated to my planner obsession (@craft_ty_planner) and my third is dedicated to my nail obsession (@craft_ty_nails)! 

Eventually I’d like to try and incorporate the planner and nail obsessions into blog posts but for the early days I’m going to stick with one theme!

I have also registered on bloglovin’ today – although I have not been able to have a good look at it yet! Let me know if you’re on there, I love reading blogs! 

It’s not too late to join the challenge either…go to Caroline’s page on instagram (@carolinetowerbiz), or click here for more details! 

Please let me know if you have any good tips on how you connect with the big wide world, by leaving a comment below – I know there is so much choice these days!! 



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