9-day blogging challenge…days 4 & 5

I’m a couple of days late, mainly thanks to being abroad with a very weak wifi network! But, no matter, I am now back and ready to get myself back on track – Isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Okay, onto Day 4: This was another hints/tips day and the focus was social media.

I love Instagram as it is so easy to use and keep on top of (I can also spend hours scrolling through some amazing photos too via the explore page!) – I actually have three accounts on there at the minute… 1) is my general lifestyle account, which links to my new blog, and is the newest of the three (@craft_ty_lifestyle). 2) is an account dedicated to my nail/nail art obsessions (@craft_ty_nails) and 3) is my oldest account and is also the one I am struggling the most with at the moment. This one is dedicated to my planner and all things planner related. I’ve recently changed my planner set up and have made it less ‘pretty stickers’ based which has meant I am struggling to create new photos – but I will be working on this over the next few months. You can find this account by searching for @craft_ty_planner.

I also have a Twitter account (@CraftTyLife) – this is a new account and I have linked up my Instagram accounts to this. My goal is to start using Twitter more frequently over the next couple of months (can you tell I like setting myself goals?!).

Onto Day 5: This blog prompt is ‘Take Notice’. This definitely made me think, and I must’ve watched Caroline’s day 5 video about 5/6 times, hoping for some magic! After deliberating, I’ve settled on two slightly different subjects to write about.

The first is around something I’ve noticed since taking part in the 9-day blogging challenge. I’ve found the challenge extremely helpful and have already read some great blogs that are inspiring and have started following members on twitter and Instagram. They also have one thing in common – they all have great looking websites and all own their own personalised domain! I’ve played around with the idea of buying a website for a few years, but made various excuses as to why it wasn’t for me…well, yesterday I bite the bullet and bought my own!! I spent a good few hours playing around with layouts and potential content and I must admit, I am very excited and struggled to sleep as my head was buzzing with ideas! The best bit for me is that I get to keep this blog going and simply link it to the site AND I can potentially include some of my nail art inspiration on there too! There is still work to do before I feel ready to link it on any social network, however I know it will not be long – so keep an eye out for that soon!

The second thing I’ve noticed since I started my latest Instagram account is the people I have come across who have inspired me and randomly, have similar passions as me – this is something I would never have thought likely six months ago! By this I don’t mean have nail obsessions or love the same movies. No, I mean people who believe in good things coming their way because they believe/ask for it.

I am not a religious person (my parents are from two completely different religious upbringings and therefore wanted to let me choose for myself and not be influenced by them). However, whilst I am not of a particular faith, I do believe in ‘something’. I have always felt ‘lucky’ and positive, yet I didn’t give that too much thought until recently.

I won’t go into the whole, long story (I’ll save that for another blog post), however, during my search on YouTube for ‘minimalism’ I came across two or three channels where the hosts had videos on ‘The Law of Attraction’…whilst I watched these, I felt such a strong connection to them that it took me by surprise and I immediately started looking for more info, both on YouTube and on my Kindle/Audible books! One of the first things I realised was I had been given one book all three mentioned by my best friend…way back in 2008 and hadn’t read more than one chapter! This book is called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne – and can I just say, this book has changed my outlook in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible. The more I read, the more situations were coming to the forefront of my mind and it became clear to me, I have already experienced the Law of Attraction without even realising it! What a positive and wonderful feeling this gave me – and it was because of something so simple!

The more time I invest reading and researching, the more I discover there are hundreds of people who believe, understand and experience the Law of Attraction, and with this, I suddenly feel much less alone or ‘odd’!

I have a few blog posts I hope to write about this and I truly hope people will enjoy reading and discovering how this single law can improve so much one’s life. For me, I can’t wait to keep discovering more inspirational stories and people, as well as creating my own!



2 thoughts on “9-day blogging challenge…days 4 & 5

    1. It’s very scary (I’m not very good with technology) but I’ve had a great couple of days playing around with it all and am so excited I may be able to include my nail art in there too!
      Yay a fellow believer! I’m finding so much out about LOA – I’ve just finished reading The Secret and am half way through Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill…it’s great listening via audible! Have you read/heard it?


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