9-day blogging challenge…days 6 & 7

Yup, I’m behind again, but I’m okay with that! You see, Day 7’s blog prompt was one that I am experiencing a LOT with right now, so I wanted to make sure I put effort into this particular post.  Also, it’s the May bank holiday weekend here in the UK. We had friends and family over and I wanted to spend some quality time with them too so please forgive my lateness!

Day 6: Another great hints/tips video from Caroline, who chose the topic of tracking your blog…explaining how useful knowing what traffic is hitting your site, when and which posts have the most traction etc. I must admit, having a brand new blog which has been going three weeks, I hadn’t even given tracking any thought whatsoever, yet immediately understood why this is needed. I therefore downloaded Google Analytics – which is free (hurrah)! Now to wait 24 hours before I’ll start seeing data and trying to figure out all the charts and info it can provide (did I tell you I’m useless with technology)?! This I something I am going to have to learn over the next few months – which leads me nicely onto day 7…

Day 7: This blog prompt is ‘Keep Learning’. If I’m honest, I am always looking to learn more each day, whether it’s to progress in my career or in my own self development, however, in the last month I have learnt more than I have in the last year!!

I can almost perfectly split my current learning into two categories; 1) The Law of Attraction 2) The world of blogging!

Law of Attraction (LOA): I stumbled across the LOA by accident, after watching a vlog on YouTube by a lady who I’ve been following for a while. The video was focussing on manifesting money and LOA was mentioned throughout. Curious and hungry for more info, I scrolled through her video library and found more videos…that was it for the rest of my night, video after video until the early hours of the morning I watched, taking notes and digesting every morsel of information I could. Quickly into my YouTube marathon, a book called “The Secret” was mentioned and without warning a ‘ping’ went off in my brain and I remembered having received this by a friend, it turned out way back in 2008!! The following morning I devoured each page and throughout I was remembering scenarios I had experienced, which were following the patterns I was reading! Honestly, my mind was BLOWN! Since then, whenever I have a spare half hour, I have been on youtube watching many different people from all walks of life, not only talking about this law, but telling wonderful and inspiring tales they’ve experienced too. I have also just finished reading (well, listening via Audible) a book by Napoleon Hill called “Think and Grow Rich” – another inspiring and insightful book linked to this wonderful law.

TOP TIP: If I can give one bit of advice to anyone even remotely curious about LOA, read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne – it’s a game changer!  


I love reading blogs! Always full with interesting topics, various writing styles and gorgeous photographs. Over the last five years I have created a number of blogs covering topics like photography, fitness, book & movie reviews and so on. They NEVER lasted more than a week and I therefore resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t cut out to be a blogger!

I’ll be upfront and say as I’m writing this post, I cannot remember the moment in which I gave myself the ‘last chance saloon’ talk, but here I am, three weeks in and I’m still blogging!

I decided to go against previous advice I had seen in a magazine which said simply, to have a successful blog you need to have a niche, focus on that niche and only blog about that topic. My personality doesn’t lend itself to one thing (I also learned this about myself recently). I go through phases with hobbies (the gym, photography etc). I love writing and am known in work a the ‘go-to’ girl if you want important documents/articles proof read for grammar and sentence structure – no pressure then for my own blog (& apologies if I make these annoying habits here)!

I created my blog which was to focus on my journey into the world of minimalism – ha! If you know me then you’ll know this is going to take a while so I quickly expanded my writing to my self-improvement exercises and general experiences…and voila my lifestyle blog was born, along with a matching instagram account.

I joined a 9-day blogging challenge, hosted by Caroline Towers (LINK) and this is where I’m at. By joining this challenge, I have met many bloggers who kindly share their knowledge and this makes every day a learning day for me! This excites me for my journey ahead and I hope my blog will grow from strength to strength as I continue to learn.

TOP TIP: my top tip if you are just starting or are about to embark on your blogging journey –  find a MENTOR! Caroline has been a huge pillar of strength to me, teaching from her wide knowledge-bank of information/experiences and providing words of encouragement when I most need it!


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