My Bucket List…

I’ve been spending time thinking about what I want to achieve and what experiences I want to savour and I started this bucket list Monday 03 July 2017…and for someone who loves ‘to-do’ lists and planning, I have NO idea why I have not written this list sooner. I found it difficult starting off, thinking big and of things that would be ‘once in a lifetime’ things, but then, as I got going, I quickly expanded the list to 50+ things and will keep updating.

There are currently 73 items on my bucket list and I hope to share each experience with you as I tick them off my list and link them in this post.

1) See Adele live
2) See Ed Sheeran live
5) go to Glastonbury
47) see a singer in Las Vegas doing a show

3) indoor skydive
4) ride in a hot air balloon

6) make an origami animal
8) start a blog
9) publish a book
16) make a home made candle
17) make a home made body scrub
18) make and sell a craft product
21) see the Mona Lisa
25) take a photography course
38) make a colouring book
39) knit a scarf
70) Learn how to sew

7) walk under a waterfall
10) Go to a drive-in movie
22) climb Pen y Van
15) name a star
29) run a marathon
32) sail a boat
43) sail on a barge boat
33) snow board
55) go to pendine sands with a metal detector for a day
59) run a 10k race for charity
60) drive a tractor
61) ride a Segway
62) ride a tandem bike

11) go to the movies by myself
23) get a degree
50) make money from my blog
56) give blood
57) carry out a random act of kindness to a complete stranger
58) Read all the agatha Christie marple and poirot books in order
67) make a Sunday roast dinner from scratch
68) read all the David baldacchi books in order
71) Learn to play chess
72) Learn to play the piano/keyboard
73) meditate 10 mins daily for 31 days

12) go to New York
13) go to Las Vegas
14) go to Paris
19) go to Florida as an adult
26) watch a sunset laying in a hammock
31) fly in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
63) visit the Whitehouse64) visit Rome and ride a Vespa
65) visit Venice as an adult and go on a gondola
66) go to stone henge and take photos

20) watch an NBA game live
27) visit the London dungeons
28) visit a haunted building in the dark (ghost tour)
40) attend a film premier
41) attend a murder mystery dinner
42) be a member of a tv audience
35) learn to blow glass
44) attend a book signing
45) attend a comicon event
46) see a broadway show
48) visit Wimbledon and watch a match live
51) go on the city tour bus in London, Dublin, Cardiff and Edinburgh
52) watch a basketball (NBA) game live at Maddison square gardens
53) watch a live baseball game in America
54) watch a NHL game in Canada
69) Attend a Ted Talk

24) buy a Welsh dresser to house all my Willow crockery

30) see a runway show live
49) buy a pair of Christian loubaton shoes

34) kiss in the rain
36) meet a member of the royal family
37) meet the prime minister

What do you think of my bucket list? Do you have one and what is at the top of yours?

If you think I may enjoy something which isn’t on my list, please let me know in the comments box and I will add it!


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