Sunday ‘Getting things Done’ Day…

Another busy week and weekend has passed me by…I love those kinda weeks, especially when they include fun events and family/friends time! I’ve had many of these weeks recently, living in the moment and trying to enjoy every moment these things bring. Yet, now I have time to relax and do the bitty things, the little things I need to do to keep moving towards my bigger goals, I’ve realised I have lost focus and should’ve done some planning ready for this moment. I’m not complaining, as mentioned in my last post, I’ve experienced a blip and am moving forward. So today, I made a conscious effort to reintroduce some habits I know will get me back on track!

This afternoon, I pulled out my favourite planner, a beautiful and chic black Kikki K (personal size) and started by adding more of my favourite inserts…day on a page inserts, beautifully laid out and designed by Natalie of Ultimate Success Planner (link to Instagram). I’ve tried various layouts and I’ll confess…when I found these four months ago, I found planner peace…yes, it’s real people!! The daily ones work best for me and with the way I’ve set up my planner, I still have space to write plenty when I need to!

After adding my latest months into my planner, I updated the next three months with all my events, birthdays etc. I’ve changed my approach when it comes to filling in my planner, previously, I would use washi tape and as many stickers as physically possible. However, over the last few months, I have decided I want to use my planner in a cleaner, more functional way. This is where Natalie’s inserts and the layouts she creates have helped me to achieve this. I use functional stickers from Planner Perfectionist (link to Instagram) and love how her neutral sets work with my black Kikki K and my daily inserts!

It was only when I changed and used less stickers/washi etc I realised how much they subconsciously made me stressed out when there were lots on a page! This is just my personal view and I know there are many out there who hate white space and I love that – especially browsing through he many gorgeous photos of these on Instagram!

To finish off my planning hour, I reviewed my Trello board and decided on a small number of tasks I want to tick off the list this week, marking them in my planner. Trello for me is a great place to hold my Master To Do list, particularly because I can access this on my computer, or via a mobile app which means I can add to my list or review it at any time and can access it instantly.

This took me a little over an hour, mainly because I haven’t done this ritual for a while and I wanted to consciously think about the tasks I need to complete over the coming weeks (something I usually know before starting).

I am now raring to start this upcoming week and I feel like I am in control of what I need (and want) to do for the first time in a while.

I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon drafting blog posts and can not wait to finish, and share my next blog post with you….I have written my very first BUCKET LIST!!! Writing this has been very therapeutic and I have NO idea why I haven’t done one sooner!

I hope you have a great week and if you would like to know how I’ve set up my planner, or how I incorporate planners with Trello, please leave a comment in the box below and I will put a post together!



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